Healthy Diet for Diabetics
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How did Pradeep Shintre reduced his HBA1C from 8.4 to 6.3 in 6months ?

reverse diabetes success story

last updated on 19th December, 2016Reversing Diabetes is like a dream come true for many of you, But when someone whom we know reverse their diabetes, its like wow if my friend does it , I can also do it.  Thats why I am sharing success story of Mr. Pradeep Shintre who is just on […]

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How Smoking Cigarattes affects your blood sugar levels ?

how smoking cigarettes affects your blood sugar levels

last updated on 2nd November, 2016How smoking Cigarettes effects your blood sugar levels is your question, I would simply say in one line ”  Now the more important Question is how smoking cigarettes affects blood sugar levels? because on a whole smokers eat less, when they smoke more their hunger is suppressed, if they eat […]

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Fortune vivo diabetes care oil will not let you worry much about diabetes

last updated on 2nd March, 2017When I happened to watch a TV Ad about Fortune vivo diabetes care oil, I thought it is another new product with a diabetic friendly label, But I thought what will I loose if I will try it once, I have ordered a 1 litre packet and used it. How […]

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Gymnema Sylvestre and Diabetes cannot live together

Gymnema sylvestre and diabetes

last updated on 19th August, 2016Mother Nature has been very courteous to us. Look around and you will find many powerful herbs like Gymnema Sylvestre, Gymnema sylvestre and Diabetes are inseperable because This super herb is used to treat diabetes in Ayurvedic Science since 6th century BC. Gymnema sylvestre helps in reducing insulin dosage in […]

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How to lower Fasting Blood sugar levels

last updated on 30th July, 2016 Nearly three decades ago scientists observed unexplained increase in fasting blood sugar levels in Type 1 Diabetes patients. Soon enough the same was seen in Type 2 Diabetes as well. This was named the “Dawn phenomenon”. The blood sugar values as well as insulin levels are near normal at night. As […]

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Indian Diet chart for Diabetics to reverse Diabetes

diet chart for diabetic patients

last updated on 22nd December, 2016Diet chart for Diabetic patients is not much different from healthy eating style, we have forget the basics our grandmothers told us, Indian cooking is based on Ayurveda which is a 5,000 year-plus-old Indian health science. I can say if you can go back and think what were you eating […]

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