Healthy Diet for Diabetics
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Can Diabetics Eat Noodles? Lets investigate it deeply .

harmful foods for diabetics

last updated on 20th January, 2016As per the World instant Noodles Association  China and Hong kong are in number one position and surprising thing is India is in 5 th position, There are almost 12 basic varieties of noodles including veg and non vegetarian. But the question we want to answer today is Can diabetics eat […]

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Energy boosting Foods for diabetics which do not spike up blood sugar levels


last updated on 20th January, 2016Feeling Hungry and Eating More? Still feel like your body is not able to generate enough energy! , This is what most of the Diabetics experience, Infact Diabetics feel short of Energy most of the time, But dont think it is common for diabetics to live a Lethargic and Energy hungry […]

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I am diabetic what fruit can i eat ?

kiwi is best fruit for diabetics

last updated on 20th January, 2016Don’t worry that you are diabetic and if you will be entitled to eat fruits or not, You can eat many of the fruits !! Don’t look at me puzzled please, I understand your question how fruits can be good for diabetics which taste sweet !!!  Firstly what we need […]

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How to Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Exercise to lower blood sugar levels

last updated on 20th January, 2016Maintaining Normal Blood Sugar levels is like a north Indian trying to learn Tamil – I mean to say it is a continuous struggle, but I am sure north Indian will learn Tamil in course of time, if he is willing to do so and also similarly a diabetic can […]

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low glycemic index foods for Indians

diabetic friendly breakfasts

last updated on 20th January, 2016You are here because you may be already knowing that Low glyacemic index foods are good for diabetics. But I still want to explain in brief why glyacemic index is a important factor? Foods with carbohydrates that break down quickly during digestion and release glucose rapidly into the bloodstream tend to […]

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Can I Overcome Type-2- Diabetes

probability of diabetes by race

last updated on 20th January, 2016Yes for sure, We all can over come Diabetes. There are lots of myths about Diabetes. Before we start to know how to fight and conquer diabetes , Every one who is diabetic or pre-diabetic or even non diabetic should know about mis-conceptions and myths about diabetes. Following are the […]

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