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Reading a lot about Diabetes & Diet , Getting Confused ? What to eat and what not to eat ? Its True Because nutrition requirements of every Individual are different , So one diet will not work for All.

We offer Customized Diet Plans , See how we create them? 

  • We have a General questionnaire which contains 30 questions about your personal details like age, height, weight, profession, Eating habits, Medical Reports etc.
  • We will determine your body type as per Ayurveda, Vata, pitta & Kapha and provide diet & lifestyle recommendations, this dosha is the prime reason why some people have difficulty digesting cucumber but can digest chicken biriyani happily.
  • Based on your inputs We will have a telephonic conversation with you to understand few more details, So that we capture everything about you.
  • Based on all the details we provide you with a 20 page booklet after 7 days which has lifestyle advice, diet basics, Diet chart and Eating Advice specific to you. and also you will have access to chat with us through gmail / whatsapp to clarify your doubts on implementing Diet plan.
diet chart for diabetic patients

Get our Diet plan and say bye bye to high blood sugar levels and Diabetes

Hi, I'm Gowardhan Doddi. Founder of Healthy Diet For Diabetics, I was a prediabetic  3 years ago and now I have reversed it totally . How did I do it?

I started reading a lot on the subject, Ayurvedic perspective, nutrition perspective and lifestyle perspective, In course of time it became like a research project for me and this knowledge let me believe reversing Diabetes is super easy if we prioritize health over other things.

You can also see some success stories to understand it is possible to reverse diabetes, Only medicine you need to reverse diabetes is knowledge, you would have read knowledge is wealth, But in this journey I understood Knowledge is Health

I believe Diet Plan does not mean just telling what to eat? It is equally important to tell the Reader why to eat, when to eat, how to eat, how much to eat etc!

I am very much particular about giving a Customized Diet plan , Customized means totally customized. A punjabi does not want to receive a Diabetic Diet plan which is completely filled with South Indian Recipes.

We take care to provide a True Customized Diet Plan. (See how deep we go while preparing diet plans)

When I started my journey 3 years ago, I thought healthy eating means finding some super foods and tips, But the reality is not as such

The reality is Food acts like a medicine if taken in right quantity, right quality, right time and in right combination! Indian food has a lot of variety so that we will never miss any vitamin or mineral. if we eat the Indian way - we will not get any disease. Unfortunately we are not giving enough time to prepare our own food and keep eating convenience foods like Biscuits, Maggi noodles, Pizzas, Samosa etc. Understand one thing more we eat out of packets more are the chances of getting life style diseases like Diabetes.

Food & Nutrition is a Science less known to many of us. To tell about nutrients in the food and how they are absorbed is not a one day course:  Thats why we are offering  Customized Diet Plans

Don't delay anymore

People who order a customized diet plan

  1. will have access to our whatsapp group.
  2. will receive a customized diet plan in the form of pdf booklet including 7 day diet plan.
  3. will get telephonic consultation of 30 mins free from me.
  4. Receive whatsapp chat support and email support from me for 1 year.
  5.  See what's inside the book on the right side. 


Col. Virendra MallRetired defence officer

Diet & Lifestyle plan offered by Healthy Diet for Diabetics is very effective and practical, My FBS level was 256mg/dl in Jan 2017 and by May 2017 it is 84 mg/dl , My PPBS was 358mg/dl in Jan 2017 and in May 2017 it is 180 mg/dl.

Thanks for your customised diet plan, I have lost 9 kgs weight reduction to ideal (79 to 70kg),  I also like the support you offer through email and Above all ur "eat without guilt" philosophy. has also helped me a lot.

Lubna PanwarCounsellor
and I am also able to control my blood sugar levels better than before.
Curlina CruzMedical Transcriptionist

Diet & Lifestyle plan offered by Healthy Diet for Diabetics helped me lower my medications and control my blood sugar levels  ,

Though I am having issue with my thyroid, I have lost more than 5 kgs in weight!


Get your: Customized Diet Plan

We are offering the Diet plans to make things easier for you, Because it takes a lot of time and effort to understand what is healthy for you and what can keep your blood sugars under control.

If you are really serious and motivated you can even reverse your Diabetes using our Diet & Lifestyle plan.

Following are the charges.

  1. Premium Diet Plan for Diabetics : It Costs INR 3499 useful for Diabetics who need my personal support. This plan is premium because you will get access to me more times. In this You can have 6 telephonic consultations (30 minutes each) with me, quick whatsapp support for 6 months and email support for one year and you will have free access to participate in diabetes educator webinars.

If you are not able to make the payment or not sure which Diet plan to choose / have doubts  ?                          

Call us /Contact US using the form below )

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our diet plan, Please let us know , Because Our mission is to provide products and services which can make our customers 200% satisfied, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund without asking any questions.