Healthy Diet for Diabetics
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List of things required for 8 weeks diabetes challenge

last updated on 8th January, 2018Here are the list of things you need to have to participate in this challenge. Weighing Machine  ( option -1 /  option 2) or Access to weighing machine Books – Book-1(english), Book-2 (english), Books – Book -1 (hindi) , Book -2 (Hindi). Aroma Diffuser Blood glucose meter/access to lab once in a week BGR-34 Tablets. Extra virgin Olive […]

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Educated Farmers are now using chemicals to produce Fruits and vegetables

last updated on 15th September, 2017Few years ago, first time I heard about herbal soaps and shampoos, It made me feel good and I always tried to choose herbal cosmetics, But one question which came to my mind is why it came first in cosmetics? what about the food we eat. I could quickly get […]

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Lord Ganesha’s secret for Diabetic people

last updated on 24th August, 2017Hi Friends, let me wish you a happy Ganesh pooja first. Our traditions and festivals including the prasad we offer to the god all have a logical reason and aim, Aim is wellness of the people. whenever we go to a temple we offer god banana, coconut haldi, Ghee, milk […]

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Blood Sugar Experiments with Kuldeepji

last updated on 8th September, 2017Mangoes raise blood sugar fast, Bananas are also the culprits and more rice means more blood sugar So I will eat less rice , Protein shakes are better because they keep me full.  All these type of confusions prevail within Diabetics. There are some surprising things about how fruits raise […]

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Prolonged sitting is dangerous than smoking for Diabetics

last updated on 17th July, 2017As a consequence of sitting, your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, cholesterol, and toxic buildup all rise. The solution to these adverse events do not involve a prescription—all you need to do is get up, and avoid sitting down as much as possible says “James A levine”Research published in Diabetologia […]

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Can Diabetics Eat Watermelon?

diabetes water melon

last updated on 3rd June, 2017I have been receiving facebook messages &  emails asking if Diabetics can eat Watermelon? Most of us like Watermelon, And in Summer we cannot say NO to Watermelon at all.  Glycemic index of Water melon is 72 which is on the higher side.  But The Glycemic load of water melon […]

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