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How did Pradeep Shintre reduced his HBA1C from 8.4 to 6.3 in 6months ?

reverse diabetes success story

last updated on 22nd September, 2017Reversing Diabetes is like a dream come true for many of you, But when someone whom we know reverse their diabetes, its like wow if my friend does it , I can also do it.  Thats why I am sharing success story of Mr. Pradeep Shintre who is just on […]

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success story of sumant joshi who has reversed his diabetes

last updated on 22nd June, 2016Most of us believe anything by seeing it with our own eyes, That is why I am sharing with you the success story of Sumant Joshi, A pune based Geologist who has reversed his diabetes with lifestyle modification, He has reduced his weight from 83kgs to 63 kgs in 6 months […]

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Are Products Like Diaba Amrit Effective for Curing Diabetes?

diaba amrit review

last updated on 20th January, 2016if you are from India You would have come across a television commercial about Diaba Amrit , Now you are in a dilemma if you should purchase it or not ? Diabetes has profound effects on one’s health. You need to learn to fight it, instead of being afraid of […]

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How did Pramit Bhargava Reverse Diabetes Type2 Naturally

how to reverse diabetes type 2 naturally

last updated on 29th May, 2017Mr. Pramit Bhargava (48) who leads a typical Corporate lifestyle used to prioritize on everything except his health, Working till late night, Eating in odd hours and taking his office stress all the way to home , But he used to think that he is living his life to full […]

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Diet which can reverse Diabetes

diet to reverse diabetes

last updated on 20th January, 2016Understanding Diet for Diabetics seems to be a tough and time-consuming task for most of us, But after reading the book ” Doctor Neal Barnard’s program for reversing diabetes” It felt very easier for me to identify what are the foods you should consume daily, weekly and monthly or occasionally. […]

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