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Fortune vivo diabetes care oil will not let you worry much about diabetes

last updated on 2nd March, 2017When I happened to watch a TV Ad about Fortune vivo diabetes care oil, I thought it is another new product with a diabetic friendly label, But I thought what will I loose if I will try it once, I have ordered a 1 litre packet and used it. How […]

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Gymnema Sylvestre and Diabetes cannot live together

Gymnema sylvestre and diabetes

last updated on 19th August, 2016Mother Nature has been very courteous to us. Look around and you will find many powerful herbs like Gymnema Sylvestre, Gymnema sylvestre and Diabetes are inseperable because This super herb is used to treat diabetes in Ayurvedic Science since 6th century BC. Gymnema sylvestre helps in reducing insulin dosage in […]

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BGR 34 Review , composition, side effects & user comments

last updated on 1st March, 2017 Did you hear about BGR-34 recently, . there are many questions If BGR-34 can lower blood sugar levels, how much time will it take to show positive effects? can I discontinue Allopathic medicine if I use BGR-34? how much does BGR 34 cost?  are there any side effects of […]

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Does Apple cider Vinegar lower blood sugar levels?

does apple cider vinegar lower blood sugar levels

last updated on 9th July, 2017Does Apple cider Vinegar lower blood sugar levels? I have heard about it here and there , seen on internet and also one of my friend is using it, I am interested to know If Apple Cider Vinegar can lower blood sugar levels really? I understood it is beneficial not […]

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Is vijaysar Diabetic Tumbler effective in Controlling Diabetes?

vijaysar tumbler review price

last updated on 26th December, 2016Is vijaysar tumbler really effective in reducing blood sugar levels ? Answering this question was not easy at all , it took more than 20 hours of research to write a review on  vijaysar tumbler also known as diabetic tumbler. Vijaysar is a herb which has anti diabetic properties as […]

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Should I use Sugar Free Sweeteners

last updated on 3rd June, 2016Are you a diabetic patient who is using sugar free sweeteners? Well you might not take it easy on those sugar free sweeteners. The reason is that sugar free sweeteners have many disadvantages for diabetic patients. This article will list some of the best sugar free sweeteners present in the […]

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