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I am very happy that you visited us, Stay tuned with me and i promise to motivate you to Reverse your Diabetes.

hdfd comment pageI am Gowardhan Doddi, Editor and Author of this blog. I have thought of starting this blog to share my experience and awareness about diabetes. As both my parents are diabetic, I know  that I am at risk of developing diabetes But I did not get alert early and come to know from the  doctor in my Annual Health check-up that my blood sugar levels are nearing to the danger  zone, That's in 2013 .

Doctor suggested me simple life style changes- Life style changes are very easy to suggest and highly difficult to implement.

 But I thought of making lifestyle changes to delay diabetes as much as I can  and in course of  time I have gained knowledge about controlling diabetes and problems we face when we are  pre-diabetic or diabetic.

 It is understood that Diet plays a major role in controlling diabetes,  Doctor Ray d Strand in his  book mentioned three major steps to control diabetes in his book Diet , Exercise and vitamin  supplements.

 It is emphasised that Diet itself can impact your blood sugar levels as much as 65%. So I thought of starting this blog www.healthydietfordiabetics.com

All the information I share here is my opinion and knowledge gained from various sources, Please don't treat this as a professional medical advice.