Healthy Diet for Diabetics
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last updated on 17th March, 2017Shimla Mirch Salad Dish typeSnacks Preparation time 15 min Cooking time0 min SaveSaveSave ​This is healthy diabetic recipe of “salad” which is helpful to lower blood sugar level as the ingredients are raw food with high fiber. All the ingredients are easily available to us. Each components of this salad is […]

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Diabetes Complications tests Thyrocare discounted packages.

last updated on 25th April, 2017Diabetes is a silent killer, As you know most of the people suddenly get diagnosed with diabetes, I mean till yesterday you were super healthy and today you are declared as diabetic by the Doctor. !!Although your body was suffering from a long time it adjusts and takes all the […]

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winners of recipe contest

last updated on 1st March, 2017All of you know we have conducted a Recipe Contest.We did not recieve as many recipes as we expected, still it is good to start, I am happy that we have started this Recipe contest. I will continue to do this with the help of All of you.Important thing to […]

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How did Prem Prakashji reversed his diabetes & reduced his weight by 15 kgs in 5 months

last updated on 6th February, 2017After taking pills to manage diabetes for 3 years , Prem Prakashji on one fine day while watching TV, he came across Narendra Modiji’s speech which was promoting International yoga day. That has helped him reverse his diabetes with in 6 months.One thought came in his mind if the whole […]

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Wish you a healthy new year 2017


last updated on 28th December, 2016Did you take a new year resolution last year about controlling diabetes and could not do it ? Why !! Do you know the reason ? I will tell you the reason for not being able to control diabetes. prime reason is lack of awareness, Diabetes is a dangerous disease […]

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Indian Diet chart for Diabetics to reverse Diabetes

diet chart for diabetic patients

last updated on 22nd December, 2016Diet chart for Diabetic patients is not much different from healthy eating style, we have forget the basics our grandmothers told us, Indian cooking is based on Ayurveda which is a 5,000 year-plus-old Indian health science. I can say if you can go back and think what were you eating […]

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Is vijaysar Diabetic Tumbler effective in Controlling Diabetes?

vijaysar tumbler review price

last updated on 26th December, 2016Is vijaysar tumbler really effective in reducing blood sugar levels ? Answering this question was not easy at all , it took more than 20 hours of research to write a review on  vijaysar tumbler also known as diabetic tumbler. Vijaysar is a herb which has anti diabetic properties as […]

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How to manage complications associated with diabetes type 2

associated complications diabetes type 2

last updated on 28th April, 2017Diabetes is dangerous, For the people who overlook or neglect to take care . If you can lead a disciplined lifestyle. You can live free from complications. Don’t worry about people who show pity on you talking about Diabetes and its complications, Once you start feeling tingling sensation in legs […]

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Diabetes can make you healthy, happy & rich!!

last updated on 26th April, 2017What are you talking are you crazy?? Dimaak karaab hogaya kyaa ?? you don’t know how painful diabetes is??Mazaak mat karna, Are these your reactions reading the title !! Yes Title is true, especially for type-2 diabetes. I will justify, how can you make it true, Type-2 Diabetes is a […]

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What happens in Diabetes type-2 inside your body

last updated on 31st March, 2017What happens in diabetes inside your body ? Do you know? You can roughly answer this question saying, Blood sugar levels are high in type -2 diabetes,, and some one else says in diabetes type-2 pancreas do not produce enough insulin, and some one else will say- If type-2 diabetics […]

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One Destroying Habit which is leading India towards Diabetes !

last updated on 20th March, 2017I receive emails , Facebook messages etc from many People and I see many are in the age group of above 40 years, I get messages from both men and women. What has changed the last 10 years? which is leading to high increase in number of Diabetics in India. […]

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Sweet Chia Recipe for Diabetics

last updated on 16th March, 2017Why a Diabetics life cant be sweet says, Kuldeep Kumar who has reversed his diabetes naturally and inspiring so man others to do the same.  in the sweet treat recipe he shares a highly nutritious recipe with us which even tastes sweet ! See, try and rate the recipe.  

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